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Location : Home >> PRODUCTS >> Security System >> Mini Hidden Spy Camera >> ET-DVR24D
  • ET-DVR24D
  • Flashlight DVR
  • Features:

    . Low illumination, high resolution video recording

    . High speed recording and quick light response

    . Video Resolution: 640X480

    . Photo Resolution: 1280X960

    . Can be used as a web camera and a removable disk

    . Flexible use for lighting at night

    . Infrared night vision shooting

    . Built-in flash memory, 2G /4G /8G optional

    . Support AVI video format

    . Real time display

    . Built-in high capacity Li rechargeable battery (2400mAH)

    . Easy operation with LED indicators

    Operation Guide


    Charge the battery

    Built-in rechargeable lithium battery needs to be charged 3 hours for initial use.  Connect charger to charge jack and then plug charger into socket to get charged


    When charging, the charge indicator keeps red on, when the battery is fully charged, the charge indicator changes to green on.



    Press and hold the Record button for about 3 seconds till the status indicator turns on green and flashes, the recorder starts recording video.


    Press the Record button again, will stop recording.


    Note: To obtain perfect video at dark night, please turn the light or infrared light on (refer to “3. Turning your light on and off”).


    . If the continuous recording time is over 60 minutes, the recorder will save the current recording data, and then restart recording automatically.


    . When battery’s power is low, the blue indicator will blink for seconds, and the recorder will stop recording and save data.


    . When the built-in memory is full, both the blue and green indicators will blink for seconds, and the recorder will stop recording and save data.


    Photo Taking

    Press and hold the Record button for about 3 seconds till the green indicator turns on and flashes, the recorder starts recording video. At this time, click the Record button 2 times quickly, the recorder will enter Photo Standby Mode, and the blue indicator will be on.


    In Photo Standby Mode, click the Record button once to take photo, the blue indicator blinkes rapidly, and two photos will be taken and saved each time. You may choose a satisfied picture from them.


    To quit the Photo mode, again click the Record button 2 times quickly, the recorder will back to Video Record Mode, the green indicator flashes.


    Note: To obtain clear picture, please keep the recorder static and not shake during photographing.


    Turning your light on and off

    Click the Light/Infrared On/Off button once to turn light on. It stays on until you turn it off. Click the button again to turn the light off.


    Press and hold the Light/Infrared On/Off button for 5 seconds to turn infrared light on, and the status indicator shows red. Click the button again will turn the infrared light off.


    Turning your flashlight off

    Click the Light/Infrared On/Off button to turn light off. Click the Record button to stop recording. Make sure all the indicators turn off for completely shutdown.


    Connecting to computer

    When the flashlight is shut down, unscrew the handle of flashlight to open the USB port, use the USB cable to connect your flashlight to computer. After a while, a removable disk symbol will appear on the computer screen.


    . Function as a removable disk: When connect your flashlight to computer, you can copy, move, or delete files stored in built-in memory.


    . Function as a PC camera:

    Connect your flashlight with your computer, after the removable disk appeared on the screen, press and hold the Record button for 5 seconds, the removable disk will disappear, after a while, the USB video device will appear on screen, now you can use it as a PC camera.

    Setting Time

    To set or correct the date and time, follow the steps:


    1), Edit a text file, the format is “20100206153000” (First 4 digits for the year, following 2 digits for the month, 2 digits for the day, and others for hour, minute and second).

    *A sample file “time.txt” is included in CD, you can use it to modify date and time directly.


    2), Connect your flashlight to computer, save the modified file to the root directory of built-in memory.


    3), Disconnect your flashlight from computer, reboot your flashlight and recording, the time will be set up automatically.


    The date and time will be shown on the video.


    Reset function

    In case of system broken down or hung up, please reset your flashlight.

    Unscrew the battery cover to disconnect the battery power, and then tighten the battery cover, a reset operation can be realized. Reboot the flashlight, it will work normally again.




    55mm diameter by 195mm long(approx.)


    280g (approx.) with battery

    View Angle:


    Minimum Illumination:

    1 Lux

    Video Format:


    Video Resolution:


    Photo Resolution:


    Frame Rate:


    Voice Sampling:


    Operation System:


    USB Interface:

    USB 2.0

    Battery Charge:

    DC 5V

    Battery Type

    3.7V/2400mAH lithium battery

    Store Temperature:

    -20°- 80°


    (Specifications are subject to minor change with upgrade and update. Please base on real object.)


    Packing Contents

    1),Main Unit (1)

    2),User Manual(1)


    4),Battery Charger(1)

    5),USB Cable(1)


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