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  • ET-DVR27A
  • Coca Cola Can Camera
  • Products  introduction

    This products is one of the hidden remote control video camera series, use for digital voice video ,easy operate with very good function of hidden. .

    Concealment : Can do good quality video inside even with poor light, with good record function, it is convenience for use, can use direct as a disc U. This products can use for business ,education, security,  media, judicature, travel, medical treatment, or general use  in life.

    Process of guiding

    1 To starts:Turn switch on, come into equilibrium

    Do Video:Press remote control button(unloose after 2 seconds) machine get ready for video after the light turn into green from red.

    2 Stop image pick-up:Press the remote control start to save file, when the light turn into green. Wait for make  the next video when the light turn into red.

    3 Connect to computer:Screen will come out the identification with removeable  disc,  connect the machine to computer , while the machine come into equilibrium .    Disconnect the machine with the computer ,after take out the removeable equipment with  PHTime.txt, Save file to /VideoRecord/; click the symbols of the removeable equipment manage in lower right corner of ther taskbar . 

    4 Recharge: Turn switch off,  the red indicator light will flash regularity when machine come into recharge when connect the recharger to the computer with the data wire. The red indicator light will stable on with the battery is full.

    5 Time setting:        Copy file from system Time.rar to local disc, with keep file time form, change the date , turn switch on, plug product  in to USB slot. Return with the normal way after save the file, keep power on ,otherwise the time sitting will lost.


    Correlation parameter

    l          RM RealAudio :Resolution 640*480 CIF,29frame/second

    l          Video format AVI,Recommend player:Storm Wind Imag、kmplayer、Mplayer etc with uniting format support media player.

    l           Support system :windows98/me/2000/xp/2003/vistaï¼›macosï¼›linux

    l          Battery last:battery can last for ten days with machine is on, can last 7 days with power is off, it will last shorter and shorter with the machine getting older and older. Recharge the batter before use if long time don’t use.

    l          Power input:DC-5V。

    l          Remote control:12V/1mA,battery last for 1to 2years。

    l          Control distance from 2 to 10 meters


    Pay attention

    l          Working locations:Please abide relative law, do not use this product illegality.

    l          Working temperature :Use with general temperature, do not use under the temperature people cant adapt.

    l          Working humidity: This products isn’t waterproof, please use in the general humidity.

    l          Working light:Use in the places with enough lights, avoid the lens face to the strong sun light direct, incase optics parts damage.

    l          Keeping clean:Avoid camera lens and other parts get dirty will effect the video quality, keep machine in the clean places. Can use the lens paper or glasses cloth clean up the lens when its get dirty.

    l          Others:This  is exactitude electronic products, avoid strike strong, shake; keep away from intense magnetic field.



    l          Keep in touch with local distributor if there any questions.

    l          All pictures only use for reference, with the products for real, wont notify if there any change with the information of the products.


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