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Location : Home >> PRODUCTS >> Security System >> Mini Hidden Spy Camera >> ET-DVR25A
  • ET-DVR25A
  • Audio-activation record Socket Camera
  • Voice-activated Security Spy Socket Camera Record DVR
    1. Manual or automatic voice-activated working mode.
    2. LED Status Indicator.
    3. Support Storm Codec player software.
    4. Expandable memory, up to 8GB TF card is supported.
    5. Hidden spy nanny camera fits completely inside of the Spy Gadget 100% socket look.
    6. Video and audio recording function.
    7. Easy to install and use, involve minimum installation.
    8. Electronic shutter control ON / OFF switch.
    9. Low power consumption, perfect function, long service time.
    How to USE ?
    1. Voice-activated Mode: When the sound or voice around the recorder? Reach more than 65db, the recorder will record for 5 minutes, then stop and save. If the sound or voice reach more than 65db again, it will recorder for another 5 minutes and stop and save it again and again.
    2. Manual Mode: You can activate the recording manually by entering Manual Mode and pushing the record manually button.
    3. Real Time display: The video recording of this product can synchronize the real time with time display by setup a .txt file. (Details see user Manual)
    4. Support TF/MicroSD Card (included 1 x 2GB TF card)
    Video Format
    Voice activated
    900MAN 3-7V
    Lights Working Status Indication
    Charging: Red light on
    Charge finished: Red Light off
    USB file reading and writing
    Yellow light flashes slowly
    In Manual mode light indicator
    Standby mode
    Blue light on
    No card
    Blue light flashes fast
    Card is full
    Yellow and blue lights on at the same time
    Battery in low power
    Yellow light flashes slowly

    Lights work Status indication:

    Charge: charging red light on long time, when full light off
    USB file reading and writing: Yellow light show flash

    Lights in Manual mode indication:

    Standby status: Blue light long time on
    Card is full: yellow and blue light both on
    Low battery power: yellow light show flash
    Video format: AVI
    Image Format: 640x480
    Voice: 65 decibels,
    Battery: 900 mha 3.7V

    Time same time display adjustment:

    The product video recording sane time with time display function , can adjust the time according to their own

    Amendments as follow:

    First create a new Tx file by root of the storage TF card and change the file name in “time”. Open “time “file, inside edit year. Month, day, hour, minutes and seconds format (for example, 2009.04.1007:00:30). And save the file before exit. Time created and modification completed, when next time you start the machine m the time will be recorded simultaneously.

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