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  • Emergency Call
  • GSM One-click alarm system
  • Product features

    1, the products are used in schools, the school bus, bus, bank etc.

    2, the product through GSM network sending alarm information, no wiring, not afraid of shear line, easy to carry.

    3.the product can realize two-way conversation

    4, when occurrence problem of school or the school bus, if it is serious, directly according to the "police" key, corresponding to the key can be set to 1 group telephone number, such as the police telephone, push down this button can be recycled to dial this number, can be answered and the intercom.

    5, when the school or the school bus happen problems, if the situation is not serious, can press "school", corresponding to the keys can be set up three groups of telephone number, such as: school management or security personnel; Press this button to cycle dial this number, can be answered and intercom.

    6. The alarm system has been used in more than 1000 schools and Banks

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