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Location : Home >> PRODUCTS >> LED Lighting >> LED Recessed Spotlight >> ET-RPL003
  • ET-RPL003
  • LED Recessed Spotlight with 3W Operating Power, 600mA Drive Current, and 100 to 120lm Luminous Flux
    • Detail information:
      • Number of LED's: one piece high-powered LED
      • Input voltage: 110 to 220V AC
      • Drive current: 600mA constant current
      • Operating power: 3W
      • Luminous flux: 100 to 120lm
      • Color temperature: 3,000 to 7,000K (cool/warm white)
      • Operating temperature: -25 to +40°C
      • Grade of protection: IP54
      • Shell material: 6063 pure aluminum
      • Service lifespan: 50,000 hours
      • Product size: 78 x 39.5mm
      • Net weight: 143g
      • Gross weight: 170g
      • Lamp color: silver
      • Packing of product: 100 x 96 x 55mm
    • Features:
      • Uses high brightness LED
      • Energy saving and long service lifespan
      • LED colors are cool white and warm white, which is available to customize
      • Using surface coating and aluminized, which makes the lamp anti-static, dust-proof and anti-creep
      • The product has small volume, large projection angle and long projection distance
      • It is convenient for installation
      • The input voltage is available to customized
      • It belongs to green energy saving product for environmental protection
      • Non-ultraviolet and infrared rays, no radiation, not harmful elements such as mercury and lead, can be reclaimed and recycled
    • Product applications:
      • Down lamps, cabinet lamps
      • It can widely use in stages, wine bars, hotels, discos, KTVs, western restaurants, coffee-shops, clubs, cabinets, exhibition rooms and museum
    • Notice:
      • To avoid electric shocks, do cut-off power supply before installation
      • Do not install near heat, hot steam or corrosive gas in order to avoid affect lamp’s service lifespan
      • Do not touch the surface of the lamp when it is working
      • Do not use the lamp cup (110 to 220V AC) to the condition of frequently power-on and power-off to prevent affect lamp’s service lifespan
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